The little church that does big things

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Mural is Enhanced by the Kids!

During today's Children's Sermon, Rosanna told us that the kids added to the wall mural in the Sunday school room!  They added a baby lamb, grass and trees, and more faces to the multitude of children who are with Jesus!  Nice job!

Folks, when you have a moment, pop into the room and see the mural that has been changing and developing in beauty and in its message over the years by all the children of Genesee Lutheran Parish.

2018 October Newsletter

WELCA on the Palouse.

Many women of WELCA attended the Fall 2018 Retreat at Trinity Lutheran Church in Pullman Saturday, October 6, from 9 to 3 p.m. Pastor Janine Goodrich of Newport was the outstanding speaker who inspired and surprised us with "That You May Have Life!"

 A physical offering of dry goods and of a quilt that was tied during the meeting (!) was given to representative of Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse, Vanessa Corwin.

 Thank you to the WELCA leaders who traveled from Idaho and Washington to share their ideas and zeal with us. And thank you to the Trinity women who fed, housed, and hosted us! You were awesome!

New Member Training Begins

New Member Training began today, Sunday, October 7 at 11:30! Today we looked at the Timeline of the Bible first. We discussed some of the important events which led to our Church today.

Next week, we'll discuss Martin Luther and his role in the development of our church.  We'll look at the Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments.  We'll discuss the two Sacraments:  Holy Baptism and the Sacrament of the Altar (communion, the Eucharist).  We'll also visit about the morning, evening, and meal prayers.

We'll also look at a document which will help us understand how Protestants began and broke into the different churches. GLP members, please join us as we discuss how our church and our faith came to be.

This six-week training session is a wonderful way to review your confirmation lessons and church history!